Dinner at Le Bretagne Bar a Cidre

Dinner at Le Bretagne Bar a Cidre

at Le Bretagne Bar a Cidre on 27 October 2021
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New Restaurant by Bertrand Larcher, the guy who brought Crepes and Cidre to Japan about 25 years ago. He already has a small restaurant empire in Japan but now expanded to add this place.
It was the opening night so you would expect logistical problems which surely occurred but my main problem is the concept. It is a French restaurant in a Japanese setting with, naturally, the crepes mixed in. So you end up with a mixture of something not clearly defined. Anyway, it is early days and I am sure the concept will evolve and hopefully be refined.
The food, when it arrived, was very good, some dishes lacked a little acidity and were served too cold. Another problem as the kitchen is in the basement and the food gets transported in a food elevator to the ground floor.
I am sure all of this will be ironed out.
The wine list contains a whole page of fine Cidres. For somebody who loves this beverage, this is best cider list I have seen in any restaurant, France or Japan.

6 / 10


Moule from Mont St. MIchel



Gin from Bretagne

Crepe Tartine

Chocolate cake with Matcha cream