Lunch at Lature

Lunch at Lature

at LATURE (ラチュレ) on 29 January 2024
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A unique collaboration dinner in Tokyo, featuring two esteemed culinary establishments: LATURE from Japan and Haoma from Bangkok, Thailand.

LATURE, led by the innovative chef Takuto Murota, is renowned in Tokyo for its exceptional cuisine, which earned it a Michelin star. The restaurant is celebrated for its integration of local ingredients and sustainable practices, including sourcing from its own farm, “LATURE FARM.” Chef Murota’s approach often involves a creative blend of traditional Japanese techniques with modern gastronomy.

Haoma, situated in Bangkok, is a Michelin-starred restaurant known for its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. It boasts its own urban farm, ensuring fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. The culinary style at Haoma is a fusion of traditional Thai flavors with contemporary cooking methods, creating a unique and memorable dining experience.

This collaboration dinner in Tokyo is a fusion of Japanese and Thai culinary artistry, combining the sustainable and innovative approaches of both chefs. It promises an extraordinary gastronomic journey, highlighting the best of both worlds in terms of flavor, technique, and sustainability.

**Review of the Collaborative Dinner at LATURE Featuring Haoma**

The collaborative dinner at LATURE, featuring Haoma, was an exquisite display of culinary expertise, blending Japanese finesse with Thai boldness. The evening began with a series of innovative amuse-bouches. The Mackerel on Aubergine Toast was a celebration of flavors, with the spicy crunch of the mackerel creating a delightful umami experience. The Bear Meat and Mushroom Tartlets introduced a wild twist, while the Hotate Tart - dry-aged scallops with tangy powder - offered a burst of scallop sweetness followed by a spicy zing. The Lobster Consommé with Parsnip Jelly was a masterpiece of restraint, the parsnip lending a subtle yet distinct touch.

The appetizers continued this theme of innovative pairings. The Sea Urchin Pulusu with Peanuts, Wasabi, and Mint Chutney was a revelation, its spicy pulusu foam and crunchy peanuts creating a complex flavor profile. The HAOMAx LATURE French Pâté en Croûte was a delightful nod to both culinary traditions.

The main dishes were a testament to the chefs' mastery. The Red Sea Bream and Clam Moiley Curry was a delicate balance, with the perfectly cooked sea bream complemented by a mild yet flavorful curry cream and Hamaguru cubes adding texture and acidity. The Roasted Venison, sourced from Hokkaido, was a dish of profound umami, enhanced by a cumin cream that was both innovative and comforting.

Desserts were a fittingly elegant end to the meal. The Strawberry and Goat Milk Blancmange struck a perfect balance between sweetness and subtlety, serving as a refreshing transition to the final course. The Apple and Yuzu Murraba with Smoked Milk Ice Cream was a harmonious blend of familiar and exotic, a testament to the chefs' ability to innovate while respecting traditional flavors.

The meal concluded with Mignardises, where the Kiwi and Citrus Pops provided a refreshing end, and the Deer Blood Macarons were a bold, yet surprisingly delightful choice.

This collaborative dinner was not just a meal; it was a journey through diverse culinary landscapes, masterfully orchestrated by the chefs of LATURE and Haoma. It was a celebration of sustainable and local ingredients, a testament to the potential of collaboration across cultures, and a memorable experience that transcended the boundaries of traditional cuisine.

Collaboration dinner
8 / 10