Dinner at Kusunoki (くすのき)

Dinner at Kusunoki (くすのき)

at Kusunoki (くすのき) on 7 June 2023
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In the dynamic world of Japanese cuisine, there is an emerging trend where meals, particularly at upscale establishments, embrace the essence of Kaiseki. Sushiyas, for instance, elevate their otsumami with intricate details and even introduce desserts.

One chef at the forefront of this trend is Kusonoki-san, known for his expertise in tempura cuisine. Going beyond the ordinary, he accompanies his deep-fried delicacies with unique sauces, encouraging guests to experience different flavor profiles. The use of nori or Shizu leaves adds a sensational touch to his crispy yet tender pieces. One creation even evokes faint memories of a renowned dish by Martin Bersategui—an astonishing experience.

The centerpiece of the meal is the meticulously prepared abalone, showcased in various forms from raw slices with a liver sauce to perfectly fried tempura. Each dish delights the senses with its textures and flavors.

Towards the end of the meal, guests have the option to savor additional offerings prepared by the sous-chef—a testament to the culinary prowess of the team.

The meal culminates with a visually appealing tendon dish featuring squid, shrimp, and beans, accompanied by flavorful curry rice.

Kusonoki-san's dedication to pushing culinary boundaries is evident, resulting in a memorable dining experience filled with remarkable flavors.

9 / 10