Dinner at Yakitori Kasahara Tokyo

Dinner at Yakitori Kasahara Tokyo

at Kasa hara (かさ原) on 23 December 2023
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Kasahara is arguably one of the best yakitori restaurants in Tokyo and by extension in the world. Kasahara only uses the Takasaka Chicken and his expert execution makes it unbelievable combination. Highly recommendable.

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Takasaka Chicken, created by Hideki Takasaka, embodies a fusion of traditional values and modern innovation. Born from a passion for organic agriculture and a desire to produce the world's finest chicken, Hideki's journey started with zero knowledge in poultry farming. His approach was data-driven, focusing on feed design and the breeding environment. Notably, the liver of Takasaka Chicken is acclaimed for its flavor, enhanced by a meticulously balanced diet. This chicken is exclusive, supplied only to select restaurants. The Takasaka farm's philosophy integrates age-old wisdom with new-age agricultural techniques, symbolizing a unique perspective in poultry farming.


9 / 10