Dinner at Hasabon

Dinner at Hasabon

at Hasabon on 26 November 2023
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Nestled in Kagurazaka, Hasabon reveals itself as a harmonious blend of Japanese culture, art, and cuisine within the walls of a charming old private house. Guided by the Zen philosophy of "Hasabon," the establishment introduces everyday delights to be relished for a lifetime.

Conceived by owner Sachiko Miyashita, Hasabon seamlessly merges French cuisine with Japanese tea, crafting a menu that reflects Chef Kakohiro Kosaka's rich experience and sensitivity. The thoughtfully designed space showcases handmade ceramics from artists across Japan, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Chef Kosaka's culinary journey, from the two-star restaurant "Clo de la Violette" in Aix-en-Provence to Japanese and French establishments in Tokyo, culminated in the opening of Hasabon in 2020. His expertise in fusing French techniques with Japanese ingredients results in a sophisticated yet approachable dining experience. The menu, available for lunch and dinner, invites patrons to pair dishes with carefully selected wines and sake. Chef Kosaka's desserts, like the roasted tea-infused bavaloa and Daiginjo sake lees cream pudding, showcase his inventive flair.

Hasabon, a sister store of the renowned Fushikino, provides an atmosphere where adults find solace and celebrate life's milestones. The second-floor tea salon offers guests a chance to engage with Japanese culture through events like tea ceremonies.

The culinary journey commences with light and fresh flavors, highlighted by the Shishamo—an anadromous fish native to Hokkaido—served on turnip purée and adorned with pickled broccoli. The mushroom soup with crab powder offers a bisque-like flavor, setting the stage for the main courses.

The Mani course showcases Hokkaido's bounty, featuring Buri fish cut like a steak, accompanied by daikon mochi and Renton chips. The Hokkaido deer, paired with red beet, captivates with its succulence. The La France dessert with cream strikes a perfect balance, delivering a delightful conclusion to the meal.

Completing the dining experience is the adept team, including tea sommelier Kaori Sasaki and service manager Kentaro Iwasaki, ensuring patrons are seamlessly guided through their culinary journey.

In essence, Hasabon emerges as a culinary sanctuary, seamlessly blending casual elegance with the harmonious marriage of French and Japanese influences, inviting patrons to savor every moment in this meticulously curated setting.

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8 / 10