Dinner at Fukuzuka

Dinner at Fukuzuka

at Fukuzuka on 20 June 2023
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Sushi FUKUZUKA in Kagurazaka is a hidden gem tucked away on a quiet back street. The ambiance of the restaurant takes inspiration from the Japanese tea ceremony, creating an atmosphere of serene darkness. The dim lighting is strategically placed, with a small box in front of diners to accentuate the beauty of the meticulously crafted food and plates.

While the setting adds to the allure, one might question how the chef manages to work in such low lighting. Nonetheless, the chef's dedication to his craft shines through in his approach to rice. Recognizing its significance in nigiri, he employs three different types of rice, each prepared at specific temperatures ranging from 20 to 50 degrees Celsius, depending on the accompanying fish (neta). This attention to detail ensures a harmonious marriage of flavors.

Adding to the intrigue, the chef presents three distinct variations of gari (ginger), including an unexpected twist of using apple. The progression of the meal comprises four otsumami (appetizers) followed by a generous selection of 14 nigiri pieces. Among the highlights are the exquisite sea bass, the melt-in-your-mouth medium fatty tuna, and the delectable botanshrimp.

A delightful touch that adds to the overall experience is the chef's use of three different types of wasabi for the nigiri. Each type is indicated on the menu by a unique stamp, allowing diners to explore and appreciate the subtle differences in flavor and intensity.

Sushi FUKUZUKA offers a captivating and well-executed concept that embraces tradition while exploring unique flavors. However, some may find a slight gap when it comes to sourcing top-notch ingredients. Overall, it remains an intriguing dining experience worth exploring for sushi enthusiasts seeking a blend of tradition, creativity, and the opportunity to discover the nuances of different wasabi varieties.

7 / 10

seaweed, 5°C

sea bass, 18°C

Sardine, 17°C

salmon roe, 10°C

Tuna, 18°C

horsehaircrab, 5°C

生姜(甘)Ginger (Sweet), 2 0°C
生姜 辛 Ginger (Spicy), 2 0°C
林機 Apple, 2 0° C

rosy sea bass, 2 0°C/5 0°C

Medium fatty tuna in the back, 20°C/50°C

Lean Tuna, 20°C/40°C

fatty tuna, 20°C/60°C

horsemackerel, 16°C/35°C

redbream, 20°C/50°C

botanshrimp 5°C/ 5 0°C

Sulculus diversicolor supertexta, 5 0°C/ 5 0°C

sea urchin, 5 °C/50°C

octopus, 5 0°C / 5 0°C

Soup stock tuna, 8 5°C

Egg, 20°C

roasted green tea,-1 9 6°C