Lunch at Été

Lunch at Été

at ete on 16 April 2022
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Another stunning meal at ETE. Natsuko was just crowned best femal Chef of Asia by WB50 and for whatever it is worth she must certainly be one of them, no doubt.
This meal was a assemblage of trusted signature dishes like her ayu taco and the tile fish in asparagus soup and some new seasonal dishes. All of them delicious, some of them also very interesting and unusual. Like the morchella filled with horse meat tatar. Deep fried with the meat on the inside being juice and full of umami, a great play with tastes and texture. Another great dish was the bamboo shoots (takenoko) topped with steamed abalone. In between she put a source made out of the liver of the abalone. Another great play, the softness of the abalone offset by the crunchiness of the bamboo glued together by the umami of the liver sauce. Excellent.
All of this comes with the casual hospitality of Natsuko being the host, the chef and the server at the same time. The intimacy of the small one table dining room for six leaves the impression of dining at her home and not in a restaurant. A great place for a special occasion. And for any other!

French Japanese
10 / 10

Uni curry cracker

10 day aged sea bream with tomato

Takenoko with steamed abalone and liver sauce

Ayu taco - home made salsa with Hana Sansho


Smoked butter

Morchella filled with horse meat tatare

Teil fish in soup of just white asparagus, salt and water