Lunch at CARMEN

Lunch at CARMEN

at CARMEN on 26 December 2023
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Chef Jérôme Quilbeuf, a culinary artist born in Paris in 1977, has established himself as a prominent figure in the international gastronomy scene. His journey, which began after graduating from a culinary institute in Paris, led him to Barcelona, where he honed his skills at the Hotel Hilton and later at Restaurant Sant Pau Carme Ruscalleda. His tenure at Sant Pau in both Spain and Tokyo, where he served as the executive chef, earned him accolades and Michelin stars, marking him as a pivotal figure in the evolution of modern Spanish cuisine.

In 2016, Quilbeuf ventured into entrepreneurship with the opening of his own restaurant, Nonna Maria, in Barcelona. His culinary approach, deeply influenced by his experiences in Japan, is characterized by a fusion of Spanish and Japanese styles, focusing on simplicity, healthiness, and the use of local ingredients. This philosophy is evident in his involvement with the COOK JAPAN PROJECT, where he brought together world-class chefs to create unique dishes using Japanese ingredients.

Quilbeuf's latest venture in Tokyo's Azabudai district is a testament to his versatility and commitment to culinary innovation. The restaurant, a new hotspot in the city, offers a diverse menu that ranges from Spanish classics to Peru-inspired ceviche dishes. Guests have the option to choose from an a-la-carte menu or select from three different menus priced between ¥4000 to ¥8000. The dishes are not only tasty and well-plated but also served promptly, making it an ideal spot for a quick, yet sophisticated lunch experience.

This establishment reflects Chef Quilbeuf's signature style, blending global influences while maintaining a strong foundation in traditional Spanish cooking. The restaurant's dynamic menu and elegant presentation encapsulate Chef Quilbeuf's journey through the culinary world, showcasing his dedication to bringing diverse culinary experiences to the forefront.

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