Dinner at BOLT

Dinner at BOLT

at BOLT on 2 June 2024
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Bolt in Kagurazaka has carved out a reputation as a top-tier French-Japanese bistro under the expert direction of Chef Takahiro Nakada. The restaurant's unique fusion of culinary traditions and its Michelin Bib Gourmand recognition highlight its exceptional quality and value. My recent dining experience at Bolt was a testament to its well-deserved acclaim.

Starting with the rillettes served with sourdough bread, the dish was a delightful introduction to Bolt's menu. The rillettes were perfectly seasoned and rich, paired beautifully with the tangy and crusty sourdough, setting a high bar for the evening.

The mushroom, asparagus, and dill salad followed, presenting a vibrant mix of flavors. The earthy mushrooms, fresh asparagus, and aromatic dill created a harmonious and refreshing dish, showcasing the chef's ability to balance complexity and simplicity.

One of the evening's standout dishes was the horse meat tartar. It was a bold and adventurous choice, seasoned impeccably and prepared to highlight the meat's tender texture and robust flavor. This dish encapsulated Bolt's innovative approach to combining traditional and modern culinary techniques.

The melted Raclette cheese with summer truffle was an indulgent highlight. The creamy richness of the Raclette, combined with the aromatic depth of the summer truffle, made for a decadent and unforgettable experience. This dish exemplifies Bolt's knack for creating luxurious and comforting cuisine.

The meal concluded with lemon ramen, a surprising and delightful twist on a classic dish. The bright citrus flavors added a refreshing note to the ramen, making it a perfect end to the meal. This dish is a prime example of how Bolt merges French sophistication with Japanese innovation.

Overall, Bolt offers a unique dining experience that stands out in Tokyo's competitive culinary scene. Chef Nakada’s inventive dishes, coupled with the restaurant’s stylish decor and excellent service, make it a must-visit for food enthusiasts. Bolt's seamless blend of French and Japanese flavors, attention to detail, and creative flair set it apart as a true gem in Kagurazaka.

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7 / 10