Dinner at 時限堂 Jigendou

Dinner at 時限堂 Jigendou

at 時限堂 Jigendou on 27 March 2024
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Suetomi-san, a highly accomplished restaurateur based in Tokyo, has a unique approach to the culinary world. He specializes in conceptualizing and establishing restaurants, then once they are operational, he entrusts them to capable chefs and moves on to his next project.

Jigendo stands as a prime example of Suetomi-san's ventures, marking the second restaurant he has launched. This eatery is distinguished by its focus on open-fire cooking, offering a distinctive Kaiseki experience where smoke serves as a subtle yet unifying element across the menu. The smoke is present throughout the dishes, enhancing but never overpowering the flavors.

One of the highlights for me is the rice course, where diners are invited to enjoy up to four bowls, each topped with a unique garnish. The service at Jigendo is exceptionally attentive and warm, contributing to an inviting atmosphere. Additionally, the restaurant's decor is both stunning and tasteful, further enriching the dining experience.

Modern Kaiseki
8 / 10