Lunch at とんかつ憲進 Tonkatsu Kenshin

Lunch at とんかつ憲進 Tonkatsu Kenshin

at とんかつ憲進 Tonkatsu Kenshin on 16 January 2024
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Mr. Kenshin, the proprietor of Tonkatsu Kenshin in Kagurazaka, Tokyo, has an impressive background in the culinary arts, particularly in the realm of tonkatsu (Japanese fried pork cutlet). Prior to opening his own establishment, Mr. Kenshin honed his skills at Narikura, a distinguished tonkatsu restaurant in Takadanobaba, renowned for its exceptional tonkatsu. This experience is evident in the quality of dishes served at Tonkatsu Kenshin, which has quickly gained popularity for its unique "white tonkatsu". This signature dish is celebrated for its tender, juicy meat and a crispy, almost snow-like exterior. The modern and stylish ambiance of his restaurant, along with an open kitchen that allows diners to observe the culinary process, adds to the allure of this dining experience. Mr. Kenshin's journey from Narikura to his own venture exemplifies his dedication to perfecting the art of tonkatsu, making Tonkatsu Kenshin a must-visit for enthusiasts of this beloved Japanese dish.

Today's visit to Tonkatsu Kenshin offered an extraordinary culinary experience, featuring the special "Dream of Hachimantai" pork from Akita Prefecture. This pork, known for its softness and flavorful taste, is a result of meticulous health and hygiene management in its upbringing. The highlight was the use of eight-layered pork, aged for about a month in the 'KURABAN' magic refrigerator. This ageing process, done at precise water temperatures, resulted in an ideal aged meat that maintained its freshness while enhancing its flavor.

The menu included a Loin Cutlet Set Meal (120g) and a Ribeye Cutlet Set Meal (200g), both of which were incredibly delicious. The pork's fat was rendered perfectly, releasing a burst of flavors that were a testament to the chef's skill.

In addition, we indulged in the "East Takumi SPF Pig – Hitachi no Kagayaki", encompassing loin, ribeye, and filet cuts. This "Brilliance of Hitachi" – East Takumi SPF Pig Loin, was yet another example of the restaurant's commitment to quality and taste.

Every dish was executed to perfection, resulting in juicy, flavorful cutlets that left a lasting impression. This meal was a vivid reminder of the chef's expertise in selecting and preparing top-quality pork, creating an unforgettable dining experience at Tonkatsu Kenshin.

7 / 10