Dinner at Hatou

Dinner at Hatou

at Ha tou (波濤) on 6 June 2023
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At Hatou, their early summer menu showcases the culinary mastery of 熊切さん. The otsumami, or appetizers, he prepares are consistently outstanding. This time, he skillfully paired a pleasantly bitter Ayu fish with the sweetness of baby corn, resulting in an excellent combination of flavors. The first hamo (pike conger) of the season was so delicious that it may remain unrivaled for the rest of the year.

The centerpiece of the meal consisted of 12 nigiri sushi pieces and 3 hand rolls, each impeccably crafted and aged to perfection. To complete the dining experience, Mr. Kumagiri served his renowned suppon soup and a delectable ice cream.

The diners around me were so impressed that they immediately wanted to make another reservation. However, the earliest available date Mr. Kumagiri could offer was in June 2024, emphasizing the high demand for his culinary expertise. Those fortunate enough to have secured reservations for 2024 can consider themselves truly lucky.

9 / 10