Dinner at La Ragazza

Dinner at La Ragazza

at La Ragazza on 5 August 2022
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La Ragazza is a casual fine dining restaurant in the middle of the old quarter, Gamla Stan. It started as an experimental kitchen but soon became permanent when the owner recognized the potential. It serves a mixture of Nordic and Italian dishes.
Now it serves 12-14 small dishes, some of them just a bit size spoon, some of them slightly larger. The execution is very good, the combination of flavors sometimes daring. Some of the dishes, however, are excellent.
The Noir de Bigorre pig in Paradise Nera jus gets served with bread and honey butter. But instead of putting the butter onto the bread, one gets instructed to put it on the pig where it melts. The bread then should be used to suck up the jus. A wonderful dish as the butter increases the already existing umami of the pig and makes it deeply succulent.
The Charcoal grilled Kabayaki eel is as good as some of the best unagi one can get in Japan. The sweet garum contains enough vinegar to add the needed acidity, the eel is cooked to perfection so it stays spongy and sweet. Some chanterelles and a pepper sauce complement the eel. A great dish.
The wine pairing is interesting with some sake woven into the line up, the highlight was the Rioja Alta 904.
This place serves excellent food at a reasonable price. The service is professional and very friendly. Make sure to make a reservation as it gets busy at times. There is also a small table in the kitchen, so for people who do not shy away from the warmth of the kitchen, this might be an interesting option.

7 / 10

Tartlette with August boiled king crab and soft spiced cheese.

Totopo with dry aged tuna "Otoro", avocado cream, the house hot sauce, soured cream and oscietra caviar.

Green August shoot, grated summer truffle, nettles, "crema de huevos fritos" of pan fried eggs from guineafowl and Piment d'Espelette.

Salt baked beetroot with airy black currant leaf sauce, aged Aceto Balsamico di Modena, beetroot-jus and lovage.

Flickan-sandwich with roasted brioche bread, foie-gras "Au Torchon' 7 year in house aged ham of Linderöds pig, dates with black garlic and two variations of schallots.

Dill sorbet and tomatoes "aigre doux" and sprouted dill.

Green and white raviolis with ricotta and mint. Served in jus of split peas with Blanc de Blancs champagne and siberan sturgeon caviar.

Hedonist spoon with tartar of Wagyu beef A5, siberian sturgeon caviar, Jamon Iberico Gran Reserva 42 months, pickled schallots and quail egg yolk marinated in aged japansese soy sauce.

Charcoal grilled cutlet of Noir de Bigorre pig with grilled Pata Negra jus. Served with australian winter truffle, honey butter with juniper, bee pollen and grilled focaccia.

Charcoal grilled Kabayaki eel with sweet and sour shellfish garum and vinegar with pan fried summer chanterelles and caramelized green pepper cream.

Filet of turbot baked in chard. Served with koji fermented choron sauce and
chlorophyll velouté on lobster and langoustine.

Swedish cheese cake with almonds. Served with fresh blue berries, lingonberry sorbet, lightly whipped cream and flower umeshu syrup.

Fresh raspberries with spanish chervil anglaise and crispy puff pastry.