Lunch at Uliassi

Lunch at Uliassi

at Uliassi on 17 July 2019
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Catia and Mauro Uliassi opened their restaurant in 1990 in the town they were born and raised. Even though their restaurant is right next to the ocean, it is not a seafood restaurant. Mauro explains this by pointing out the proximity of the sea, but also the river and the hills West of the city where he went hunting with his father as a boy. 29 years after their opening, they achieved the ultimate to receive their third star in the Guide Michelin.

That is why you have game driven menu as one of the three choices, the others being the Lab and Classics.

The setting is simply stunning, especially when you are lucky enough to be able to sit on the terrace for lunch.

The cuisine reflects the influences Mauro collected during his wondering years, but is deeply rooted in the home town of Senigalli. All dishes are completely original, flavourful and perfectly executed. Two of them were contenders for a dish of the year:

Pasta with octopus lard and rosemary. Simply amazing. The dry and fry the octopus first, and the repeat the procedure. Then is gets ground down and made to a powder which is sprinkled onto the dish. The inner flesh of the tentacles get cut in super thin slices and put on top of the past. All of this forms a perfect harmony. This is as good as it gets.

The Lamb's head: One needs to have big balls to serve in a Guide Michelin three star restaurant the eyes, the tongue and the brain of a lamb. Add to this local spices like thyme, marjoram and mint and a lamb fond made from the shoulder of the same lamb. Who would have thought that this dish becomes unbelievable good.

The front office is managed by the ever present Catia, a wonderful woman with great charisma and charm. A consummate host she does not miss a beat while ably assisted by her son and daughter-in-law.

Together they create an unforgettable experience! I am sure I will go back soon, there are two more menus and the a la carte to eat.

10 / 10