Dinner at Victor’s Fine Dining

Dinner at Victor’s Fine Dining

at Victor’s Fine Dining by Christian Bau on 21 September 2019
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Part one of the Bau-Festival this weekend (three meals in 24 hours)

Christian Bau continues to evolve and refine his already outstanding style. There are very few cooks currently cooking who have his absolute dedication to perfection while working at the height of their creative life.

His dishes are always, sourced from the best possibly supplier, without any regard for cost, perfectly executed and calibrated. His play with acidity and textures makes is such a sensory pleasure to eat there.

Three dishes to illustrate this:

The agnolotti filled with veal and frog legs. The pasta is very thin and cooked al dente which gives a little bite. The mixture of frog legs and veal give you an astonishing filling. On top of that he adds the truffle foam wich makes the dish extraordinary.

The turbot, a thick slice of fillet, cooked glassy to perfection. The sweetness of the fish gets balanced with onions and green vegetables.

Le poulet, a super small producer which delivers only 6-9 animals to Germany a week, all of them go to Christian Bau. The bite and flavour of this chicken cannot be compared with anything you had before which called itself a chicken. Incredible.

For sure one of my best meals of the year. (And there are 2 more meals coming up).

Classic French
10 / 10