Lunch at Parcelles

Lunch at Parcelles

with Tomoko Morikawa at Parcelles on 26 July 2022
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Fantastic Parisian bistro. Product focused traditional recipes, well executed make it quintessential, but somewhat modern French bistro food. Chef Julien Chevalier started with the delicious Tune Rillette which went excellent with the champagne. The veal head Carpaccio, succulent and satisfying. The mussels with a vin jaune sauce which added some unusual flavor to the excellent mussels.
The best dish was the riz de veau. Crispy on the outside but soft inside, it was one of the best Riz de veau I have had.
The wine list is deep and interesting (and affordable!), the sommelier Bastien Fidelin is forthcoming and understands quickly what you are looking for.
The setting is classic and atmosphere relaxed and friendly.
What a place!

French Bistro
7 / 10

Rillettes de thon du pays Basque, pickles d'oignon rouge

Carpaccio de tête de veau sauce gribiche et câpres

Palourdes de Normandie au vin jaune, échalotes, persil

Lieu jaune de ligne, caponata, jus de bouillabaisse, huile de basilic

Riz de veau (haute carte)