Dinner at Magma

Dinner at Magma

at Magma on 30 July 2023
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MAGMA offers refined fusion cuisine, blending French gastronomy with Japanese techniques by chef Ryuya ONO. With experience in Michelin-starred restaurants, Ryuya founded MAGMA in 2022. Emphasizing local, seasonal ingredients, he unveils hidden flavors like flowing lava, creating a unique culinary experience.

Upon visiting, we were delighted with the diverse and enticing main course offerings. The sea snails impressed us with their great texture, flavor, and acidity. The tuna, although a little weak with its soft texture, still provided an enjoyable taste. Another standout was the squid, cut into noodle form and served with an ink sauce - an excellent dish and true highlight of the menu.

Continuing on, the main courses included a dish featuring the head of a grouper. While the taste was excellent, we found it slightly overcooked. However, the duck dish was a true success, well executed and very tasty.

At a price point of Euro 70 for the tasting menu, this is great value. The wine list, as expected given the philosophy, features mostly organic and natural wines, but there are plenty of selections for wines that are not too funky for the discerning drinker.

MAGMA remains committed to sustainability, offering an exclusive selection of French wines that perfectly complement the culinary journey and delight the palate. For a distinctive dining experience, MAGMA's blend of French and Japanese influences will surely leave a lasting impression.

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