Dinner at Sushidokoro Mekumi

Dinner at Sushidokoro Mekumi

at Mekumi (すし処 めくみ) on 24 January 2024
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In the tranquil outskirts of Kanazawa, nestled within Nonoichi's serene landscape, lies Sushidokoro Mekumi, a sanctuary of culinary excellence led by the visionary Chef Takayoshi Yamaguchi. Renowned for his meticulous craftsmanship and an unwavering dedication to the freshest ingredients, my latest visit to Mekumi was nothing short of a gastronomic revelation, setting a new pinnacle in my culinary journeys.

The meal commenced with an otsumami trio of crabs, each selection embodying the pinnacle of sea flavors. The red snow crab, served with its own miso, burst with rich umami, setting a high benchmark for the courses to follow. In contrast, the white snow crab's delicate sweetness, enhanced by its miso, offered a nuanced flavor profile, while the hairy crab, with its creamy roe and tender flesh, showcased the sheer luxury of Japanese seafood.

Transitioning to nigiri, the Botan Ebi's natural sweetness was a testament to the ocean's bounty, while the Ika, with its subtle taste and tender texture, highlighted Yamaguchi's precision. The aged Buri, having undergone a seven-day aging process, unveiled a depth of flavor that was both bold and intricate, demonstrating a mastery over the art of sushi.

The cooked nigiri courses were equally compelling. The transformation of Botan Ebi through cooking introduced a new texture and sweetness, illustrating the chef's versatility. The Nodoguro, known for its rich, buttery flesh, was a highlight, perfectly grilled to accentuate its natural flavors.

This extraordinary meal at Mekumi was a comprehensive showcase of Chef Yamaguchi's dedication to his craft. Each dish, from the meticulously selected crabs to the expertly aged Buri, reflected a profound understanding of flavor and texture. The intimate setting of Mekumi, enhanced by personal touches like lacquerware from Yamaguchi's father, created an ambiance that was both welcoming and exclusive.

In essence, dining at Mekumi under Chef Yamaguchi's guidance is a journey through the zenith of Japanese culinary artistry. It's a place where the passion for sushi transcends the confines of the kitchen, offering an unforgettable experience that resonates deeply with those fortunate enough to partake. My latest visit, marked by an unparalleled dining experience, reaffirms Mekumi as a culinary landmark, not just in Kanazawa, but in the world of Japanese cuisine.

10 / 10