Dinner at Sushidokoro Mekumi

Dinner at Sushidokoro Mekumi

at Sushidokoro Mekumi on 8 February 2023
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Gran finale of the kani season.

Takayoshi Yamaguchi, the chef behind Sushidokoro Mekumi, is renowned for his unique approach to sushi. Located in Nonoichi City near Kanazawa, his restaurant attracts top chefs and food enthusiasts from around the world. Yamaguchi's devotion to flavor and freshness is evident in his meticulous research and scientific analysis of ingredients, aiming to bring out their maximum umami. Despite not initially being interested in seafood, he discovered a passion for sushi through his work in the culinary industry. Inspired by his father's artisan spirit, Yamaguchi embarked on a journey to establish his own restaurant, pouring his heart into every dish.

Mekumi's intimate setting showcases Yamaguchi's attention to detail. The elegant interior, adorned with seasonal flower arrangements and a rare 400-year-old hinoki cypress counter, reflects his love for his native Ishikawa. With access to ultra-fresh seafood and strong local connections, Yamaguchi ensures he sources the finest ingredients. His scientific approach extends to understanding the impact of factors like fatty acids and amino acids on umami, as well as the influence of diet on fish flavors. Each dish at Mekumi is a burst of umami, meticulously prepared to showcase the natural qualities of the ingredients.

Yamaguchi's relentless pursuit of quality leads him to explore local markets, such as Nanao Market on the Noto Peninsula, where he personally selects the catch of the day. He dedicates countless hours to sourcing the best seasonal ingredients, often with just a few hours of sleep each day. His devotion to showcasing the bounties of the region attracts fellow chefs eager to experience the difference in freshness and quality offered by the surrounding seas.

Located near the Sea of Japan and Toyama Bay, Yamaguchi benefits from the region's rich seafood offerings. From female snow crab with roe and mullet roe lightly charred for enhanced aroma, to aged tuna and meticulously selected squid varieties, Mekumi's menu is a testament to the incredible local produce. Yamaguchi's passion for quality shines through, even sourcing ingredients from other areas when needed.

As Yamaguchi continues his pursuit of perfection, he plans to refine his unique style through quantitative analysis while retaining his heartfelt approach. Mekumi is not just a sushi restaurant; it's an embodiment of Yamaguchi's artistic expression, his unwavering dedication to flavor, and his desire to share the true tastes of Kanazawa and the greater Hokuriku region.

10 / 10