Dinner at Smoked Room

Dinner at Smoked Room

at Smoked Room on 19 July 2023
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Dani Garcia's culinary journey has been nothing short of remarkable. After earning three Michelin stars at his restaurant in Marbella, he made a surprising announcement that the same year, he would be closing its doors. Instead of fading into the background, Dani ingeniously decided to leverage his three-star fame by conceptualizing innovative dining experiences, executed by talented young chefs.

One such concept is the captivating "Smoked Room," a Japanese-influenced Omakase counter restaurant accommodating 7-8 lucky diners. With a cleverly designed kitchen, slightly lower than the counter, patrons enjoy an unobstructed view of the four skilled chefs at work. Mirrors strategically placed above offer a bird's-eye view of every pot simmering on the stove, enhancing the dining experience further.

The complexity and finesse of the cuisine at Smoked Room are second to none. Each dish is carefully executed, presenting a symphony of flavors often harmonizing in combinations of three. The culinary journey commences with an array of lighter, raw seafood, including succulent shrimp, yellowtail, and eel.

One standout dish that left a lasting impression was the "nitro tomato." Paying homage to one of Mr. Garcia's classic creations and reflecting the flavors of his homeland, this delightful gesture blended perfectly with a summer dish from the region, the cold ajo blanco soup. The result was a wonderful fusion of rich flavors and creamy textures that tantalized the taste buds.

For the main course, a stroke of culinary genius was revealed—a revamped version of "Duck à l'Orange" intertwined with a savory crepe Suzette. The dish was a masterclass in culinary creativity and impeccable execution, leaving us captivated and utterly satisfied with every mouthful.

To conclude the gastronomic voyage, three low-sugar desserts graced the table, each a delectable delight. The one featuring wild strawberries stood out as the crown jewel, leaving a sweet and memorable final note.

I usually suck at predictions, but here I can confidently predict that a restaurant with such remarkable offerings, having already earned two Michelin stars in record time, will undoubtedly ascend to the prestigious rank of three stars in the year 2024. Dani Garcia's legacy of culinary brilliance continues to shine brightly, and Smoked Room stands as a testament to his enduring influence in the world of fine dining.

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9 / 10

Black truffle butter

Shrimp from motril, noisette butter and smoked pepper

Smoked aged hamachi, roasted tomato essence and yuzu

Smoked eel nitro tomato, red bell pepper caramel and "ajo blanco malaguenc

Seaweed steamed langoustine, smoked mayonnaise and nantua dipped claw

Ginger Chawanmushi, roasted baby squid and smoked caviar

Mackerel Aburi and dashi tomato

Charbroiled clams in tosatsu beurre blanc and fresh wasabi

Mushroom Ramen with truffles

wagyu jamon with 34 year old soy sauce

Kombu-jime red tuna belly and smoked safron boullaibeise

Duck ravioli, chilimole sauce and dry aged pork belly carbonara

Roasted duck with carrot pure, sake infused crêpe suzette and yuzu berigarde sauce

Black sesame caramel cream with wild strawberry

Fig aspic, vanilla and fig leaves ice cream

Apple, shisho and yoghurt