Dinner at Somni

Dinner at Somni

at Somni on 10 August 2018
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Ferran Adrià just entered the building! However his name now is Aitor Zabala and the building is not Cala Montjoi but in Los Angeles.

This place is as close as it gets if you want to re-live an El Bulli meal. It is modernised, maybe a little less experimental but very very good.

A simple dish, which gets served in any cheap bar, pan con tomate y jamon, becomes a multilayered flavour explosion in your mouth. A peasant dish, five alubias caress your mouth as if they want to stay there.

This place is new and it will get better. Certainly one of the 3 star contenders in the new GM CA guide.

I will be back.
Long live El Bulli!!

10 / 10