Lunch at Martin Berasetegui

Lunch at Martin Berasetegui

at Martín Berasategui on 7 July 2019
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38th Visit:

MB underwent a complete renovation during their winter closure. The dining room includes now the space which used to be the terrace, however they did not increase the number of seats, only the spacing increased. They uses much more wood to create a very warm atmosphere. A great change.

The food, as always is impeccable and the menu includes some of MB's classics as well as 7 new courses developed for the 2019 menu. One of them merits a special mentioning as it is fantastic and will be come an instant classic:
Grilled hake steak with squid tartar and toasted walnut herb with hint of saffron.
The hake was wrapped with a very thin lawyer of pork belly almost like a skin around the fish. This kept moisture inside the parcel and created an incredible texture. Paired with the slightly smoky flavour it will be most certainly one of the dishes of the year.

MB keeps on surprising me. Year after year he churns out top notch menus, everything executed with total perfection and quite often creates greatness. Like this year!

9 / 10