Dinner at CAINOYA御室

Dinner at CAINOYA御室

at CAINOYA御室 on 20 November 2023
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Grand Opening of Cainoya's New Location: A Culinary Gem

Cainoya's new location marks a soft opening, transforming a modest house into a culinary treasure under the skilled hands of the chef. The entrance, a discreet door on the side, leads guests through a charming garden to the main door. A vast window along the way provides a sneak peek into the dining counter and the kitchen. The restaurant itself, a single room, features a 7-seat counter affording a view of the kitchen equipped with state-of-the-art gadgets.

While the menu retains its classic appeal, offering delights such as the renowned onion tart, an exceptional buri, and a captivating salad, the addition of an extended version of the chef's techno-sushi at the meal's conclusion elevates the dining experience.

In offering constructive feedback, it is suggested that the chef draw more from his Italian heritage. The absence of some of the excellent pasta dishes was notably felt. Anticipating the commencement of regular business, it is hoped that the chef will incorporate more of these delectable options into the menu, enhancing the overall dining repertoire.

7 / 10