Dinner at Wakuden Kodaiji (高台寺 和久傳)

Dinner at Wakuden Kodaiji (高台寺 和久傳)

at Kodaiji Wakuden (高台寺 和久傳) on 19 November 2021
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One of the high end Kaiseki restaurants in Kyoto. It also has been a school for seemingly countless chefs who now own their own place right now, one of them being the famous Ogata.

The meal itself is very traditional, with seasonal ingredients. It started with a Kobako and lead immediately to a meat course which was as delicious as it was interesting.
The main course was a hamo roll with Matsutake inside. It was prepared on the grill right in front and excellent.

A great place to come with friends as there are only private rooms and one counter room.

8 / 10