Dinner at Mizai (未在)

Dinner at Mizai (未在)

at Mizai on 3 October 2016
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Tugged away in the Maruyama Park is one restaurant which is one of the hardest to get into.

Thanks to the connection of a friend I got a reservation and flew just for this meal to Japan.

The food is outstanding, the ingredients as good as they get and the presentation as you would expect in Kyoto very beautiful.

The atmosphere is a bit austere with the Chef only warming up to his customers once the meal was over.

If there were one criticism it would be that the amount of food served is too much for a normal customer. There are 11 seats on the counter and a table of 4. On the counter there were 7 women and 4 men seated, not one of the women were able to eat the entire meal. It is a shame to send back such great food.

9 / 10