Dinner at Sushi Kibatani (鮨木場谷)

Dinner at Sushi Kibatani (鮨木場谷)

at Sushi Kibatani (鮨 木場谷) on 4 November 2021
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Sushi Kibatani in Kanazawa, Japan, is a renowned restaurant specializing in Hokuriku sushi, led by Chef Mitsuhiro Kibatani. The chef, a native of Toyama, has a deep love for the Hokuriku region and aims to create a unique sushi style that showcases the exceptional quality of local seafood. The restaurant also emphasizes local craftsmanship, featuring sake, pottery, and kitchen tools made in the Ishikawa and Toyama prefectures.

The restaurant is situated in Hikosomachi, a charming area near the Asano River with a rich cultural history that dates back to the Edo Period. This part of the city is known for its old samurai residences and picturesque surroundings.

Chef Kibatani's journey to becoming a sushi chef began in Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market, followed by training at Yoshiura in Funabashi and Ginza Sushi Aoki in Tokyo. He returned to Toyama, where he built his reputation as a catering sushi chef before opening his own restaurant in Kanazawa in 2016. His approach to sushi is minimalist, focusing on the inherent qualities of the fish. The omakase menu typically includes 7-8 appetizers and 14-15 pieces of sushi, with each dish carefully prepared to highlight the flavors of the season.

8 / 10