Lunch at Kyoumikai 蕎味 櫂

Lunch at Kyoumikai 蕎味 櫂

at Kyoumi Kai (蕎味 櫂) on 31 July 2020
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Chef Tajiri started his own restaurant in the old Higashiyama Chaya district in a house which is more than 100 years old. He was trained at the famous “ Soba Kaiseki Muan” in Tachikawa.
The ingredients as always in Kanazawa are local from the Toyama bay and farmers around the city. The soba noodles are homemade and ground in the restaurant using their own millstones, the mixture is sotoji.
Chef Tajiri uses his skill with soba to create some unusual and interesting dishes. The raw fish dish of his Omakase menu is a soba sushi topped with amadei. Excellent! The soup contained an outstanding hamo and a delicious dashi. Needless to say that the soba course was outstanding. On recommendation we tried the soba just with a little salt without tipping it into the Mentsuyu.

A wonderful atmospheric restaurant with very tasty food. And also a great value.

6 / 10

Soba tofu


Soba nigiri with amadei

Hamo and dashi


Hamo tempura

Homemade soba

Matcha ice cream