Dinner at Kate Cuore (カテ クオーレ)

Dinner at Kate Cuore (カテ クオーレ)

at Kate cuore (katecuore) on 5 September 2022
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This Italian trained Chef produces everything from scratch during the meal. In his kitchen there is not one machine, the steam oven is used to heat up the plates. This makes the meal extremely long but very entertaining, even educational. The family of the Chef owns also a farm with 96 kettles. This farm delivers a lot if not most of the ingredients of the meal.
The food is delicious and superbly executed. There were 9 courses of which the sirloin of course takes center stage. However, all other dishes were also good and delivered extraordinary pleasure.
This places is certainly worth a special trip, but be warned it takes a very long time, so maybe lunch is better than dinner.

Italian Japanese
10 / 10

Welcome drink made out of 16 herbs from the farm

Milk, salt and olive oil

Milk bread

The sirloin of a 16 year old cow which gave birth multiple times

Rice, uni and edamame

Hand cut tartare, egg from the farm spices

Hand made pastry filled with shrimp, cheese and blue berries

Pasta and Sawara (鰆 / Spanish Mackerel)

16 year old cow which gave multiple times birth

Pasta with tomato sauce

Omurice (Japanese Omelette Rice) オムライス

Panna Cotta