Formal Tea Ceremony  at 御料理 鈴おき Suzuoki

Formal Tea Ceremony at 御料理 鈴おき Suzuoki

at 御料理 鈴おき Suzuoki on 21 November 2019
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Small place in the countryside where the Master practices Chaji, the formal tea ceremony which includes the charcoal ceremony, the full Kaiseki meal and then the actual tea ceremony where he serves Koi-cha (the thick tea), and Usu-cha (the thin tea). It takes over four hours and for most of this you are supposed to kneel in the traditional way. Needless to say this is is impossible for me and I was dispensed by the Master from most part of it.
It is a wonderful experience which gives you a better understanding of the Japanese culture and psyche.

10 / 10