Lunch at ラ・クロシェット

Lunch at ラ・クロシェット

at ラ・クロシェット on 29 July 2020
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Now that I spend so much time in Japan I seem to find the Japanese-French places which I really like, even though that they never really worked for me.
La Clochette in Hakui on the Noto peninsula is such a place. Set between the ocean and lush almost neon green rice paddies it celebrates the rich choice of ingredients from the local surroundings and refines them with solid French techniques. The plating is of pure aesthetics and even the ingredients are chosen not only for the taste and seasonality but also for the color they add to the visual joy of the dish.
In season the Noto oyster is a pure delight. Fat, but despite their size with a pleasant texture, the taste echoes the ocean is comes from. Here it was slightly cooked and refined with wasabi and dill.
My first taste of Noto wagyu of a tenderloin of maybe A4 left a very good Impression.
A wonderful lunch place and seemingly very popular which was attested by the almost completely full dining room.

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7 / 10

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