Dinner  at Belon貝隆餐廳

Dinner at Belon貝隆餐廳

at Belon貝隆餐廳 on 5 December 2019
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2nd meal at Belon. This young Chef continues to show some real potential. Apparently there is a plan in place to move the restaurant to another location in order to provide him with appropriate work space.
I am sure that once this is accomplished his journey of refinement will have no limits.

One dish was absolutely outstanding. The drunken pigeon, a Chinese dish translated intelligently into French cuisine. Who would have thoughts that a COLD pigeon really tastes well.

You can only hope that Daniel Calvert can come up with dishes like this in the future. It will be thankfully added to his growing lists of signature like his pies.

French Bistro
8 / 10