Dinner at Sushi Takao (鮨 田可尾)

Dinner at Sushi Takao (鮨 田可尾)

at Sushi Takao (鮨 田可尾) on 11 November 2019
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Old fashioned sushiya in Fukuoka. No photo policy and one has to take off the shoes which is unusual for a sushi restaurant. On the other hand the wasabi gets ground on a metal grinder and the fish gets grilled on a gas grill. Go figure.

The composition of the meal is classic, 6 otsumami and 15 nigiris plus tamago. The fish often aged and well cut, the shari with very low acidity and hardly coloured. The ingredients not off the highest quality and the cooking not flawless.

It seems to be a suhsiya where long term customer come and hang out, ordering not omakase but a la carte, spending three plus hours there, talk to the Chef and themselves and generally having a good time. I also had a good time, as I was seated next to a sushi chef who lived in London and was keen to talk to me.

Fun place to experience a truly local sushi, but don't go there just for the food.

5 / 10