Dinner at Restaurante Lanperna

Dinner at Restaurante Lanperna

at Restaurante Lanperna on 18 July 2023
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I had the pleasure of dining at Lanperna in San Sebastián, a restaurant that has been preserving the tradition of excellence and closeness to the sea's bounty since 1939, just as their great-grandmother Gabriela started. Their dedication to selecting the best produce from the fish market each morning is truly commendable.

We started our culinary journey with the Anchovis cooked in Vinegar, a delightful treat served on toast. The Ensaladilla del mar de gamba blanca de Huelva was a burst of flavors, showcasing tasty and succulent shrimps. The Ensalada de tomate del país con ventresca de bonito featured excellent tomatoes paired with great bonito.

The Carpaccio de carabinero impressed with its texture and flavors, though a tad high on salt. The Pulpo a la gallega was an outstanding dish, perfectly seasoned with a delightful texture. The Colitas de cigala rebozadas were a scrumptious delight.

The Sopa de pescado and Arroz con almejas both stood out as excellent dishes, showcasing the restaurant's expertise in seafood preparations. For the main course, we savored a perfectly cooked lenguado of 1.35kg. The filet, adorned with a wonderful sauce of olive oil, lemon juice, and parsley, was a true masterpiece. The edges had perfectly rendered collagen, adding to the overall enjoyment.

To end our meal on a sweet note, we indulged in the cheers cake and chocolate cake, both satisfying our taste buds.

The new management at Lanperna has shown ambition with their revamped menu and attention to detail, even with the choice of different wine glasses. This restaurant is undoubtedly a fantastic addition to San Sebastián's already renowned dining scene. I highly recommend Lanperna to anyone seeking a memorable seafood dining experience in this culinary haven.

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7 / 10