Lunch at Paul Bocuse

Lunch at Paul Bocuse

at Paul Bocuse on 21 April 2016
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I cannot believe that I write this, 6 years ago I was at Bocuse and it was a complete disaster. I ordered all the dishes which he his famous for and created for various French presidents. One worse than the other.

This time we were guided by Monsieur Pipala, the Directeur de Restaurant and ordered 2 starter and 4 main courses for two people which we shared so each could sample 6 plates.

The food which then arrived was the epitome of classic French food. The foie gras (upper left) flawless with not the tiniest vein in it and a perfectly clean cut, the Rouget with super thin potatoes on top cooked to perfection, the sauce instant addiction and the Dover sole with prefect consistency. We also had the Poulet de Bresse and the famous pigeon dish.
Of course this indulgence with all those buttery sauces comes at the price of knocking you off the socks. Rarely in the last few years have I felt so full after a lunch.

Nevertheless once in a while it is great to go back in time and go for it. And so should you.

Classic French
8 / 10