Lunch at Kate's Place - Supper Club

Lunch at Kate's Place - Supper Club

at Kate's Place - Supper Club on 8 May 2024
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Kate's Place Supper Club in Bangkok is a hidden gem run by Chef Pikun "Kate" Wangsantia. With experience at Michelin-starred establishments like Sühring and Canvas, she brings her creativity and passion to elevate homestyle Thai cuisine. Despite lacking formal training, she learned from Thai food expert Hanuman to understand traditional techniques and ingredients.

Kate curates a rotating menu that embodies the idea of "uplifting" food, providing guests with comfort and joy. Her distinctive dishes often mix Thai traditions with unique twists, like using seasonal strawberries from Chiang Mai in unexpected ways. The supper club’s signature set menu has included appetizers like tomato and strawberry tartare, main courses like strawberry-infused beef Panang curry, and coconut milk custard with pandan leaf for dessert.

The private dining space, hidden behind a bookshelf, feels like a cozy living room where guests gather around a communal table. The setting offers a welcoming atmosphere that complements her flavorful creations.

The tasting menu of Chef Kate, embodies her vision of "uplifting Thai comfort food." It starts with distinctive snacks like Money Bag and Orange, crispy vermicelli with bitter orange, and a playful mangosteen and pomelo salad with scallops, blending sweet and savory flavors. The aromatic grilled stuffed chicken wing and squid with roasted chili paste stand out for their perfect balance of heat and spices.

Starters follow with an intense beef tongue "namtok" and sticky rice, smoky duck breast soup, and an inventive giant Maekhong River catfish served with red chili paste custard ("hor mok"). Each dish captures bold flavors while maintaining a delicate touch.

The palate cleanser, a refreshing Roselle Margarita, prepares diners for the main sharing courses: steamed red grouper with pickle lime, grilled river prawn dry tom yum, and a flavorful beef khao soi. The steamed grouper shines with its delicate texture, while the tom yum prawns deliver a punch of spice and tanginess.

Dessert, a crispy rice and mango pairing, is both a nostalgic and modern take on Thai classics, complemented by an herbaceous tea. The meal concludes with a zesty torch ginger that leaves a refreshing aftertaste.

The menu exemplifies Chef Kate's creativity and love for Thai cuisine, offering guests a comforting, flavor-packed experience that blends tradition with contemporary flair. Each course, served in her intimate supper club setting, is a journey through Thailand’s diverse culinary landscape.

9 / 10

Pork prawn and crab

Pork Satay

Mangosteen vs Pomelo and Scallop Salad

Squid with Roasted Chili Paste and Aromatic Herbs