Lunch at Nahm

Lunch at Nahm

at Nahm on 7 October 2019
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Years ago I stumbled across the blog of a Thai lady based in San Francisco. She very competently and convincingly wrote about various restaurants in the Basque region, like Elkano and Extebarri. This was way before the world, especially the international foodie caravan, discovered both places. I continued to read occasionally her blog, but then lost track of it.

Little did I know that I will come across her as the new Chef at the one star restaurant Nahm in Bangkok.

Chef Pim Techamuanvivit took over in the fall of 2018 and was able to maintain the star which Chef Thompson achieved. I have had not a chance to eat his food, but I can attest that Chef’s Pim Techamuanvivit food is excellent.
In comparison to Sorn, which is very spicy, her dishes are more subtle, which allows the layers of flavours come through better. Some of her dishes are truly outstanding.
The grouper in banana leaf with blue swimmer carb is as good as it gets. Perfect texture with layers of spices but too spicy creates a great experience.
The angry stir-fried pork is in the same league. Gently cooked and well seasoned it is perfect.

They happened to just have changed from a la carte to set menu only and I could not resists the temptation to eat both of the menus.

A great place, it might go further than two stars.

7 / 10