Lunch at Txispa

Lunch at Txispa

at Txispa on 18 July 2023
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Txispa in Axpe is a hidden gem worth discovering! Chef Maeda's 6-year experience as a sous chef for the renowned Victor Arguinzoniz at Extebarri shines through in his exceptional culinary creations. The restaurant, nestled above Axpe in a 1700s building renovated by a skilled Japanese architect, sets the perfect ambiance for an unforgettable dining experience.

The chef's outgoing and communicative personality makes the open kitchen design truly special. Starting with snacks in the kitchen, guests get to interact with the chef, who proudly explains the kitchen's various features, adding a charming touch to the meal.

The Kaiseki-inspired menu offers a delightful mix of Extebarri classics and innovative dishes influenced by Chef Maeda's Japanese heritage. The crispy rice with tuna, resembling a sushi nigiri, delivered an exquisite play of textures and flavors.

While the Hassum course presented beautifully, some dishes fell slightly short. The eel lacked the expected texture, and the rabbit croquet was too soft in the mouth. Nonetheless, the lobster was a standout in this course.

The Caviar chickpea tofu, a classic with a twist, offered a burst of flavors, though some may find the tofu overwhelming the dish's smokiness.

The Oyster with goat butter was a delightful combination, with the butter oozing umami to enhance the flavors.

For the adventurous palates, the cows' tongue dish was a great tasting experience, although it might be a bit challenging for some European diners.

The shrimp treated with sake retained its deliciousness, albeit with a less smoky taste, staying true to the Extebarri classic.

The Baby beans, packed with umami and an incredible texture, were a real treat.

The LONGFINNED BERYX with peas was a well-executed course, offering rich flavors in a focused presentation.

The Chuleton of 7-year-old Gallega Rubia cow was an absolute highlight. The execution and taste were fantastic, and the comparison with a 10-year-old cow's second helping was a masterful touch.

For a restaurant that opened its doors in May 2023, this meal at Txipas was truly fantastic. Chef Maeda's journey as a sous chef at Extebarri for six years is evident in his culinary expertise. However, I couldn't help but wonder what wonders he could achieve by further embracing his Japanese instincts and heritage, while still cherishing the influence of his time at Extebarri.

If Chef Maeda finds the perfect balance between these two culinary worlds, his restaurant has the potential to become a tremendous success, attracting people from all corners of the globe. It's clear that his creativity and passion for cooking have the power to create a unique and unforgettable dining experience. I'm eagerly looking forward to witnessing the evolution of Txipas as it continues to captivate diners with its exceptional fusion of Japanese-inspired dishes and Extebarri classics.

Overall, the meal was outstanding, and the chef and his team's hospitality enhanced the experience even further. The location in the hills surrounding Axpe adds a touch of magic to this destination restaurant. Kudos to Chef Maeda and the team at Txipas for creating a truly memorable dining experience!

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8 / 10

XIXAS raw and cooked

CRISPY RICE with tuna

LOBSTER kobujime, RABBIT croquet, EEL kabayaki, ANCHOVIE homemade, ZUCCHINI


OYSTER seri, goat butter

COW'S TONGUE chard and goosefoot


BABY BEANS fungi and zucchini flower


COW CHOP born on June 5th, 2016