Dinner at Atomix NYC

Dinner at Atomix NYC

at Atomix on 11 October 2019
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Cherry bark ice cream & preserved peach & mugwort curd & caramelized white chocolate & white truffles @atomixnyc

Korean melon with Makegeolli & anise hyssop ice and flowers & plum lucky sorrel & pine nuts & honeydew @atomixnyc

Korean pear marinaded wagyu & perilla oil compressed squash and fermented shrimp & naengmyeon @atomixnyc

Fried crispy sticky rice crusted quail breast & cherries and pearl onions & spruce salt @atomixnyc

Grilled quail legs with spruce honey glaze @atomixnyc

Uni rice with caramelized pine nuts @atomixnyc

Sardines braised in gochujang & fried yuba & chrysanthemum & dehydrated gourd and tofu salad with sesame oil and chives @atomixnyc

mongeard-mugneret grands-echezeaux 2009 @atomixnyc

Pan fried egg washed seabass & potato and seafood chowder & green chojogi oil & white truffles & sea fennel & nasturtium / side of dehydrated shrimp and walnuts @atomixnyc

Italian specialty first of season @atomixnyc

Steamed hake from Galicia & Makegeolli dashi with butter and fermented yuzu & smoked trout roe and finger lime & cucumber skin oil and watercress / side of shishito pepper leaf & poached welk and salted plum @atomixnyc

Smoked eggplant & sea grapes & poached New Zealand abalone & eggplant dashi gelee & pickled coriander seed & wasabi leaf and oil @atomixnyc

Domaine Arnaud Ente Meursault 2010 @atomixnyc

Smoked eel gelee & perilla oil compressed cucumber & caviar & elderberry and ramp glaze @atomixnyc

Chopsticks time @atomixnyc

Grouper tartare & fig & fermented unripe blueberry & sansho leaf & buckwheat oil @atomixnyc

Tempura of matsutake & Sichuan peppercorn & yuzu and Meyer lemon @atomixnyc

Foie & meringue & chili flakes @atomixnyc

King crab & turtle beans & ajidolce @atomixnyc