Dinner at Atomix NYC

Dinner at Atomix NYC

at Atomix on 18 September 2019
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best friends @jtam1342 x @jparkato x @elliapark

Chanterelle creme in caramelized buckwheat crepe & plum & matsutake @restrelae x @atomixnyc

Black currant semifreddo & nasturtium oil and granita & grilled blackberry @restrelae x @atomixnyc

Roasted one week aged Colorado lamb saddle & cardoon braised in doujang and anchovies & lamb jus @restrelae x @atomixnyc

Heirloom tomato congee & sansho peppers & lamb fat @restrelae x @atomixnyc

Christian Tschida, Hommage an Alfred Hrdlicka, NEUSIEDLERSEE 2011
@restrelae x @atomixnyc #tastelikehone

One week aged Colorado lamb rack @restrelae x @atomixnyc

Binchotan grilled Pacific sanma & n'duja and white kimchi & relae salami @restrelae x @atomixnyc

Beet bolguogi with shiso and rice / cherries and pearl onions in wagyu fat @restrelae x @atomixnyc

Bernhard Jakoby Erdener Treppchen Riesling Spatlese 1983 @restrelae x @atomixnyc

Binchotan grilled Norway languostine marinaded in marigold & relae and atomix xo sauce @restrelae x @atomixnyc

Langoustine somyeon noodles & gochujang & sesame & cucumber & nori @restrelae x @atomixnyc

Baby zucchini compressed with plums and strawberry wrapped in zucchini flowers / steamed pattypan squash & pistachio and basil / honeynut squash tempura with nori cream @restrelae x @atomixnyc

Brutal by Gut Oggau, roesler rose BURGENLAND 2015 @restrelae x @atomixnyc #suitcaseimport

Black beans & vesterhavsost foam & Kaluga caviar & onion chips & elderflower oil and pickled elderflower @restrelae x @atomixnyc

Sour cream & fig vinegar compressed peach & thyme and lemon balm & cilantro and aji dulce salsa @restrelae x @atomixnyc

Nasturtium stuffed bonito belly @restrelae x @atomixnyc

Domaine Pierre Girardin Les Folatieres 2017 @restrelae x @atomixnyc

One week aged bonito with grilled cucumber & fish bones dashi & cherry blossoms vinegar @restrelae x @atomixnyc

corn tempura & Relae's shaved frozen monkfish liver & sansho leaf @restrelae x @atomixnyc

Relae's berga-cello & chili flakes @restrelae x @atomixnyc

in relae style .. @restrelae x @atomixnyc x @elliapark 's cellar

Soy dashi braised quail egg & wasabi & relae sourdough @restrelae x @atomixnyc

Hakurei turnip & turnip pesto & fermented Meyer lemon @restrelae x @atomixnyc

teddy take over @restrelae x @atomixnyc