Dinner at Atomix NYC

Dinner at Atomix NYC

at Atomix on 3 September 2019
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Chocolate and seaweed crumble & perilla & aerated coconut & vanilla ice cream & caramel @kwonwoojoong x @soignejunlee x @atomixnyc

Burnt milk & omija (5 flavors berry) granita & hazelnut crumble & champagne grapes @kwonwoojoong x @soignejunlee x @atomixnyc

Wild greens anchovies rice / soy and kimchi soup / pheasant broth fermented kimchi / gochujang with wild greens & semi dehydrated beef @kwonwoojoong x @soignejunlee x @atomixnyc

Wild greens rice donburi with dried anchovies broth @kwonwoojoong x @soignejunlee x @atomixnyc

Chateau de Fonsalette Cotes du Rhone Cuvee Syrah Reserve 1999 @kwonwoojoong x @soignejunlee x @atomixnyc

Seared wagyu ribcap after grilled in dough & wild cilantro & grilled onion & black garlic cilantro oil and fermented cilantro @kwonwoojoong x @soignejunlee x @atomixnyc

Grilled dough covered wagyu ribcap (og sous vide) @kwonwoojoong x @soignejunlee x @atomixnyc

Fourrier, csj 2014 @kwonwoojoong x @soignejunlee x @atomixnyc

Binchotan grilled golden eye snapper & white miso & eggplant @kwonwoojoong x @soignejunlee x @atomixnyc

Korean snow crab cake & anise hyssop aioli @kwonwoojoong x @soignejunlee x @atomixnyc

Jean-François Ganevat Chardonnay "Les Grands Teppes Vieilles Vignes" Côtes du Jura 2019 @kwonwoojoong x @soignejunlee x @atomixnyc

Stir fried escargot & black truffles egg pudding & spinach and spinach oil & parmesan @kwonwoojoong x @soignejunlee x @atomixnyc

Striper jack & preserved ramp compressed cucumber & elderberry capers & cucumber oil & citron @kwonwoojoong x @soignejunlee x @atomixnyc

Larmandier-Bernier Vieilles Vignes du Levant Grand Cru Extra Brut 2009 @kwonwoojoong x @soignejunlee x @atomixnyc

Radish and mushroom dumpling & pine nuts oil & spinach & egg @kwonwoojoong x @soignejunlee x @atomixnyc

Herring tart with mustard greens / omegi rice wine / grilled eel & mountain yam & cauliflower puree / cured croaker roe & dried persimmon and creme cheese & beef jerky / matsutake mushrooms tempura & abalone tart @kwonwoojoong x @soignejunlee x @atomixnyc