Dinner at Atomix NYC

Dinner at Atomix NYC

at Atomix on 25 April 2019
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Rice and barley malt ice cream & honey comb from Georgia & honeysweet onion foam @atomixnyc

Salted strawberries & perilla and elderflower granita & fermented strawberries & elderflower vinegar & elderflower creme fraiche & wild strawberries from New Jersey @atomixnyc

Semi dehydrated turnip & fermented soy bean paste & sunflower seeds & turnip greens @atomixnyc

Braised wagyu short ribs & pressed sesame oil & fermented shiitake & ferns & garlic & fish sauce @atomixnyc

Louis Barruol Cote Rotie Neve 2013 @atomixnyc

Barley rice & fermented soy bean paste & chives & nettles @atomixnyc

Binchotan grilled Spanish mackerel from chiba & mussel rice jus with lemongrass and ginger & perilla spinach oil & salt preserved mussels @atomixnyc

Labet, vin jaune 2009 @atomixnyc

Kohlrabi & stone crop & black sesame & white kimchi jus @atomixnyc

Mangalitsa pork & fermented pork & clam jus with napa cabbage & toasted buckwheat & sprouted buckwheat & razor clams @atomixnyc

Domaine Rousset-Martin, SAVAGNIN “SOUS-ROCHE SOUS-VOILE 10 ANS”, jura 2005 @atomixnyc #tenyearsonlees

Fermented shrimp and fried shrimp & mint and rice @atomixnyc

Scottish langoustine & chorizo & aged rice vinegar & Korean pear & hay smoked tofu and bone marrow & apple @atomixnyc

Sandlands, chenin blanc 2016 @atomixnyc

Dehydrated and rehydrated celtuce & perilla seeds & chili thread @atomixnyc

Norwegian king crab & crab butter and dried anchovies & almonds & spinach cooked in fermented anchovies & seaweed & green chili oil @atomixnyc

Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey Pernand-Vergelesses Les Belle 2017 @atomixnyc

Lightly smoked sugar snap peas & grilled cabbage and fermented black bean dashi jello & pine cone oil & soy sauce & Spanish maguro & chives @atomixnyc

Grilled firefly squid from hyogo & fermented chickpeas & ramps & lardo & beech mushrooms & soup of fermented black bean and dried anchovies & gochujang & mirin & fermented squid @atomixnyc

J. Lassalle Preference Brut Champagne, Chigny les Roses @atomixnyc

Trout roe & rice & sansho pepper leaf & nori @atomixnyc

Tart of asparagus & shrimp & pine nuts @atomixnyc

typical @atomixnyc