Dinner at Atomix NYC

Dinner at Atomix NYC

at Atomix on 19 September 2018
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Sesame oil ice cream & corn marmalade & puffed barley & quinoa & sesame seed & corn caramel & cold pressed sesame oil @atomixnyc

Bodegas Tradicion VOS 20 Years Old Pedro Ximenez Sherry, ANDALUCIA @atomixnyc

Fermented hydrangeas tea granita & fermented knotweed juice compressed Korean pear & caramelized walnut & Chestnut yogurt & spicy jujube oil @atomixnyc

Rice bran fermented Brussels sprouts & toasted nuruk @atomixnyc

Roasted duck breast & gochujang mole with chocolate and hazelnut & pickled Korean melon & puffed sorghum and baby red kale & birch wood duck jus @atomixnyc

Dungeness crab rice & crab roe & shallots @atomixnyc

California abalone pressure cooked with daikon & ginger & fermented huckleberry juice & oyster oil & sea grapes and kombu @atomixnyc

Steamed shishito & candied anchovy & pint nut & doenjang @atomixnyc

Halibut & doenjang cured foie & butternut squash dashi & chives & black lime @atomixnyc

Barley rice & eggplant ssamjang & perilla leaf @atomixnyc

Binchotan grilled maitake in nori oil & quail egg yolk & summer truffles cooked in fermented winter truffle juice & fermented truffle dashi & anchovy and dried shrimp & Napa cabbage cooked in white kimchi juice & white kimchi powder @atomixnyc

Caves Sao Joao Quinta do Poco do Lobo Arinto, BEIRAS 1995 @atomixnyc

Hokkaido uni & doenjang cream & walnut tofu @atomixnyc

Miyazaki beef marinated in Asian pear and pineapple pan fried w egg & sea cucumber braised w leeks and garlic & sweet potato leaf & salted sea cucumber innards @atomixnyc

Cured shima aji from ehime & plum vinegar & cabbage and ramp kimchi & nori @atomixnyc

Hermann J. Wiemer Dry Riesling, FINGER LAKES 2007 @atomixnyc

Shiro ebi from toyoma & cucumber & Korean pear & perilla oil & fermented languostine & wasabi & daikon marinated in cherry blossoms vinegar & tofu skin & wasabi leaf & overripe persimmon and aged persimmon vinegar & corriander flower @atomixnyc

Scallop terrine & fermented scallop lips & marinated green tomatoes & fermented tomato broth & citrus & tomato skin & pickled elderberry @atomixnyc

Shredded dehydrated beef & caviar & nori mustard tofu cream @atomixnyc

mussel tart with bracken fern & mungbean sprouts & thistle leveas & fish sauce @atomixnyc