Dinner at Atomix NYC

Dinner at Atomix NYC

at Atomix on 26 May 2018
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Congrats to @elliapark & @jparkato on opening of @atomixnyc

Baby corn poached in it's own juice and grilled on binchotan & preserved Korean plum & mugwort oil & house made fish cake & burdock dashi with radish and doejong @atomixnyc plate by @_oddme

Keller, abts E, GG, rheinhessen 2016 @atomixnyc @kellerdalsheim #86ed

choose ur weapon! @atomixnyc

Sea bream quick marinated in mirin and tangerine vinegar from jeju & Hokkaido uni & light soy gelee & spinach & chrysanthemum mustard leaf kimchi @atomixnyc plate by @sikijang_wannmul

Deep fried Scotland languostine & perilla leaf & creamed uni and nasturtium & sansho and hyssop powder @atomixnyc plate by @kwoneunyoung_

Fresh cheese from Battenkill Valley Creamry & baby artichoke braised in soy dashi and aromatics & golden osetra caviar & pine nuts milk & chives oil / banchan of whelk & shiitake & braised tofu @atomixnyc plate by @choeunsookgallery

Golden eye snapper pan fried with egg and grilled on binchotan on the scale side & jin jang & mustard @atomixnyc plate by @choeunsookgallery

Polished koshihikari rice & tot and gim seaweed & house made tofu & sesame oil & fermented black bean @atomixnyc

Steamed eggplant and grilled and dehydrated & smoked eel mousse and sauce and powder & perilla seed oil & oxalis / banchan of poached oyster & kimchi @atomixnyc plate by @namhee_kim_ceramist

today's catch - turbot! @atomixnyc

Aubert, Chardonnay, Sonoma 2011 @atomixnyc

Whole turbot grilled on binchotan and them braised in dehydrated seafood dashi & chrysanthemum and turbot jus & mung bean fish sauce salad / radish obundomi rice (between brown and white rice) @atomixnyc plate by @_oddme

Wagyu strip loin marinated in fermented fruit pear juice and grilled on binchotan & fermented wasabi leaf and soy pickled garlic and ramp / lightly pickled cabbage and cucumbers @atomixnyc plate by @namhee_kim_ceramist

Crème fraiche granita & rice and soy cake & strawberry & coriander and black pepper oil & pink peppercorn powder @atomixnyc plate by @sikijang_wannmul

Rice ice cream & socorrat rice pudding & milk crisp & pine sprount pickled & thyme honey @atomixnyc plate by @sui57and

Very happy and thankful for @elliapark & @jparkato on this beautiful night @atomixnyc