Meal at Geranium

Meal at Geranium

at Geranium on 21 May 2016
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I’m very happy to be writing this review for two reasons: 1) it is making me relive the glories of this occasion and 2) it was one of the best food and overall experiences I’ve had in my life, therefore writing this will be a pleasure to unleash the dogs of compliments…

It was obvious from the beginning that each dish was immaculately conceived and prepared and I simply can’t state any fault in the design, presentation, execution, and most importantly flavour of ANY of the dishes – and this is very difficult to pull off, believe me. They were all utterly fabulous and the lowest moment of the meal was at the ‘that was quite nice actually’ level. Every single dish was a beautifully done, tasted wonderful and I simply did not want this experience and afternoon to finish. In fact, I actually got a little down half way through the meal as I knew it was not going to go on forever – I could have comfortably stayed in that room being served those sorts of creations in the company shared for another day.

What I have pleasure in describing, is that from the moment we entered, it was obvious we were in the hands of utter experts who simply gave every confidence from the start that this was going to be a great day. From the breeze like ease we were greeted and immediately escorted to the reception area for a lovely glass of English sparkling wine, to being shown the wine collection and then being greeted by the three chefs who had joined forces for this special occasion, it was delightful all the way. The three chefs were: Rasmus Kofoed (head chef Geranium), Esben Holmboe Bang (head chef Maemo, Oslo) and Eneko Atxa (head Chef Azurmendi, Spain). All three chefs hold the holy grail accolade of 3 Michelin stars therefore having 9 Michelin starred food in one sitting was pretty wonderful in itself.

All the wines chosen were absolute jackpots as well and again, there wasn’t a single one I didn’t think was great(!). It is very hard to pick the best bits of this meal in general when they were all so good be it the tender fish in lightly fried batter and sticky, pepper jus; the brilliant mini breads to be dipped in the soured cream with herbs; the fabulous egg yolk with truffle or the sublime artichoke leaf crisps with rye vinegar mayonnaise. All had grace, power moments of flavour and were yet so uncomplicated. I felt like Mozart in Amadeus simply cyring out: “Why can’t I have 3 heads…..?!”.

This was a truly exeptional meal, brilliantly conceived and also executed to the highest standards that they can be. I was glowing with happiness throughout this entire experience and the more I look back on it, the more I realise just how special this one was. You are probably wondering about the price tag – the £400 per head (all in) for this occasion, will be eye-watering to some, but as a 9 Michelin starred meal and an experience that I will rememember for the rest of my life and for what it was, at this level, it is frankly something I would pay in my sleep.

This was nothing short of perfection – thank you Steve & Noah Plotnicki for constructing, Rasmus, Esben, Eneko, Soren for delivering brilliantly, my senses for exploding as they did and to Mr ‘Bainbridge’ for joining me on this life time memory of an occasion.

10 / 10


Greeting room (1)

Greeting room (2)

Wine collection

Geranium Head chef Rasmus Koeford, Esben Holmboe Bang (3* Maemo), Eneko Atxa (3* Azurmendi) and Geranium Manager Søren Ledet

Face wipes

First white

Lobster essence

Asparagus with layered asparagus gel

Potatoes appearing as truffles

Potatoes to be placed on soured cream spoons

Leaves made of artichoke with rye vinegar mayonnaise

Artichoke leaf

Being personally served by Rasmus

Tomato water, ham fat and aromatic petals

Razor clam lookalike made with flour crisp

With herbs and sour cream

With Esben Holmboe Bang

Mini vegetable and potato soup

Egg yolk with truffle (by Azurmendi)

White (2)

Mackerel in gel with iced cucumber and cream

White (3)

Fermented trout (by Maemo)

Haddock with parsley stems and Finnish caviar in buttermilk

White (4)

Crispy grains, bread with old grains and gluten free bread with seeds & sour cream dip

Green asparagus with summer flowers (by Maemo)

Red (1)

Fried hake with pepper infusion & parsley (by Azurmendi)

Morels, sunflower seeds and duck feet juice

Eneko Atxa explaining his pigeon dish to someone almost in pain with pleasure

Pigeon, green beans and deuxelle (by Azurmendi)

Side of foie gras

Taste of spring: beetroot, green strawberry and tegets

Ice cream from bees wax, pollen, honey and cloud berries

Woodsorrel and woodruff dessert

Rhubarb and cherry blossom with hay smoked milk (Maemo)

Liqourice mousse inside liqourice storm trooper shell

pre-petit four

Petit fours

The heroes of the day