Dinner at Under Lindesnes

Dinner at Under Lindesnes

at Under on 20 August 2019
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Stunning architecture, beautiful country side and a fantastic meal by Nicolai Ellitsgaard, another talented Danish Chef and a rising star.

10 / 10

Carpet clam, yeast and the forgotten Jerusalem artichoke

120 years old Mahagoni clam, silverberry and clear tomato water

Grilled flatbread with crabmeat and pickled flowers

Green shore crab, chamomile and roasted seaweed

Flat oyster, pine cone, cure lamb fat and fizzy rhubarb

Scallop with its own roe and elderflowers

Lightly pickled "Pir", roasted sea lettuces and roses

Lightly pickled "Pir", roasted sea lettuces and roses

Monkfish cheeks, lompe with aged beef fat and wild cherry

Soured milk, seasonal berries and bee pollen

Charcoaled “Pinnenrød” oarweed jam