Dinner at Maaemo

Dinner at Maaemo

at Maaemo on 1 August 2019
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I've been a huge fan of Esben Holmboe Bang culinary world since the very first visit back in 2011. This was another stunning meal with many new dishes.

9 / 10

Layers of yeast and flowers, rhubarb and morel

Sheets of celeriac, apple and lingonberry

Roasted chicken skin and caviar

Fermented trout with leek and horseradish

Scallop from the west coast, Aquavit and burnt onion

This is truly a spectacular dish: tender king crab with smoked reindeer

Fresh roll out of the oven baked with chamomile and fermented honey

Wild salmon cooked with salted butter, fermented white asparagus, Jasmin and sorrel

Smoked belly of wild salmon, verbena and whipped Creme

The one and only Rømmegrøt❤️❤️. Porridge of very sour Creme and freshly milled wheat

Another “new kid on the block” served today for the first time; sweetbreads, chanterelles and black currant wood

Frozen blue cheese with pickled black trumpet mushrooms

Rhubarb, sour milk and whey

Strawberry and rose tart