Dinner at Alinea

Dinner at Alinea

at Alinea on 3 August 2015
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peach jus and champagne in white chocolate ball with basil on the top

ensemble of small bites with surf clam broth

steelhead roe, aroma of chamomile with chamomile flowers

the graffiti dish

fava beans and black truffle

small bites of Thailand

unagi, pickled plum, sesame

icefish cracker with hamachi tartar and tororo kumbu

this complex dish is made of chicken, wrapped in seaweed, served with grilled lily flower and shishito pepper

hot potato, cold potato with parmesan cheese, butter and truffle

olive brances, rosemary, lamb with lamb reduction, olives, artichoke and caper leaves

black truffle explosion, ravioli with black truffle broth

the graffity dessert; rum, vanilla, kaffir lime and passionfruit