Dinner at Aska

Dinner at Aska

at Aska on 2 January 2018
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Crispy bladderwrack seaweed & blue mussels emulsion @askanyc

Scallop chip & dill @askanyc

Manitoba with oats and beer & fennel malt roll & rye crisp brushed w brown butter / cultured butter and shallots flowers & whipped pork fat @askanyc

Languostine cooked in Douglas fir & pickled chamomile and languostine head sauce & nasturtium @askanyc

Salon 1999 @askanyc

Potato pancake & cured languostine caviar & pommes soufflé @askanyc

kitchen @askanyc

Poached Mystic oysters & orpine succulents & pickled green gooseberries & juniper needle oil @askanyc

Grilled onion & Finnish caviar & lemon verbna and caramelized onion jus & pickled ramp capers @askanyc

Celery root & perigold black truffles tart @askanyc

King crab & young potatoes cooked with spicebush & smoked quail egg & butter whey @askanyc

Alain Graillot, Crozes Hermitage, syrah 2014 @askanyc

Grouse roasted in juniper & preserved plum and Rowan berries & grouse jus and ligonberry & burnt pine butter & pickled green strawberries @askanyc

Kohlrabi compressed with linden leaf oil & linden flower vinegar & pea shoots from garden & cucumber powder @askanyc

Crispy lichen & reduced and caramelized cream & preserved pine shoots & chanterelle mushrooms broth & spruce vinegar @askanyc

Tissot vin jaune, la vasee 2008 @askanyc

120 days aged ribeye & salted and fresh black currant & cured beef fat confit whole black truffles & currant leaf @askanyc

Milk sorbet & dehydrated and pickled strawberries & fermented strawberry juice @askanyc

Birchwood ice cream & pine mushrooms and woodruff syrup & matsutake and maitake mushrooms @askanyc

Ableskiver stuffed with black trumpet mushroom fudge @askanyc

Best in cold weather @askanyc

Blood and rosehip / caramelized white chocolate & swedish punsch & sourdough malt powder @askanyc

Garden snow at new years @askanyc