Lunch feast at Seventh Son

Lunch feast at Seventh Son

at Seventh Son Restaurant on 23 December 2018
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3 days after last visit, back for a big feast at lunch, with lots of dim sum items plus the mandatory roast suckling pig... and even a whole roast goose.

Full account of lunch is here:

8 / 10

Barbecued whole suckling pig (大紅片皮乳豬全體)

Fried wontons with crab and chives (韮王炸蟹盒)

Spring rolls with shredded chicken (雞絲炸春卷)

Stir-fried suckling pig with ginger and spring onions (薑蔥炒乳豬)

Deep fried frog legs with garlic and chili (椒鹽田雞腿)

Roasted crispy goose (脆皮燒鵝)