Christmas party at Gaggan

Christmas party at Gaggan

at Gaggan on 18 December 2017
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The collaboration between Gaggan Anand and his "brother from another mother" Fukuyama "Goh" Takeshi - known as "Gohgan" - is always a fun and special affair. It takes place 2 or 3 times a year, and is an opportunity for the two chefs to create new dishes.

We flew to Bangkok to participate in the 7th edition of Gohgan a week before Christmas, and it was a Christmas party complete with decorations and Christmas music...

Full account of the dinner is here:


Bafun uni + red bafun uni on cabbage taco

Foie gras, stollen, kaki, duckboshi

The chefs presenting the Gohgan curry #7

Hiratsuka Makito presenting the citrus bûche de Noël